Thursday Thoughts On Parenting – Get Your Kids Back-to-School Shopping

School supplies shopping is one of those things that I really loved to do when I was a kid.  Mostly because it was one of the few times I got to get some new things, as someone who was on welfare as a kid getting anything new was always super special.  Even if it was only school supplies and stationary.  It was also really great as, from the age of about 11 and up, I was given the task of going over all the things I needed, creating my list and going out and doing all my shopping by myself.

This little bit of responsibility is something that I wanted to get my kids involved in to.  Not just because I don’t want to do it, but because I want them to learn how important it is to plan ahead, figure out the things they need, then budget enough for all of those items.  Seriously this is a really amazing learning opportunity I feel many parents don’t take advantage of, and I am getting them started early!

You can even do this for Kindergarten and Preschool using picture lists and letting them help you in much the same way you would with grocery shopping.  Of course this will be way more fun and they get to have an active decision in their clothing choices and what types of supplies they need.  Having it all under one roof makes it way easier on everyone so I can’t suggest hitting Target for all your needs enough.

So how can you help get your kids involved in their back to school shopping??

  1. Ensure you have a school supplies list and have gone through all the stuff from the previous year to see what can be used again to help save on your budget!
  2. Now create a new list with your kids, make sure to snag a Target flyer if you need to make it fun and interactive for them!!
  3. Check all your kids clothing sizes and take note of which ones you should up based on how their current clothing seems to fit, doing this will help you make an educated guess so you aren’t trying on a million things at the store and testing everyone’s patience.  Target makes it really easy to return anything so try it on when you get home with the tags on and if anything isn’t just right head back and exchange it!  Simple and way less hassle for mum at the store!
  4. When you head to the store ALWAYS start with the school supplies, I find kids wear out really fast and getting this out of the way first is best.  They always perk up in the clothing section when you are actively getting them involved and letting them look at things, especially if you aren’t forcing them to try on everything and anything.
  5. Use a calculator!!  If you are on a budget, to save yourself and the poor store employees any hassle make sure you are on point and always round up.  Better safe than sorry when it comes to your total.
  6. Always listen, be accepting and patient.  Everything will go fine, no tears will be shed and you can even go out for some ice cream on the way home.

Just to make sure that this is really nice and easy for all of you Target Canada, in partnership with, has decided to team up for a really great twitter party on August 6th, 2014 @ 9-10pm EST!!

Hope my tips have been helpful!!!

How do you organize yourself for your back-to-school shopping??


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