Thursday Thoughts on Parenting – Birthday Parties


Lucky my October is a big month for birthdays in my house and as luck would have it this month is also filled to the brim with blogging events and speaking roles. Now you see why today’s topic is birthday parties. I have two really big ones to plan: my own and my eldest sons.

Every year for my birthday you all know that I do a BIG adult costume party! I mean last year was my champagne birthday party and it was so big I needed to do TWO posts about it! So of course this year I am making sure to do the same thing, only this time I have invited not only my regular crowd but my blogging friends on top of it. I am slightly nervous, but I know it will be just as fun and amazing as all the rest that I have put on, in fact I am even more excited about it. But be warned people, I will be getting sloshed… it is my birthday after all!

“You can’t just stop there Eschelle you NEED to tell us what your costume will be this year!!!”

Well I guess I can’t very well leave you hanging… I will be “dark alice” what that is I am not sure but it is a cute black and white dress and I plan to pair it with a long curly red wig. I hope that all of you love it!! MOVING ON!

Now eldest party is going to be epic this year, at least I am hoping it will be. The first party where he will invite his little school friends and the first party we will be putting on at a venue! I can’t tell you enough how incredibly excited I am I have some really incredible people involved; like my girlfriend over at SwankMama who is a party planning wiz and is going to work her magic (or should I say use the “force”) on my little man’s awesome day! THEN I have Chloe’s Mini Bites making a vadar/lego themed cake for him of course in chocolate that I know will “wow”. If you haven’t guessed my sons party will be Star Wars themed, something that I am insanely happy about being the massive Star Wars nerd that I am.

Can you tell that I am a sucker for a party theme?? I can’t help myself, if you are going to throw a party you want people to be talking about it for a month after in my opinion and so far I have a good track record and I know that these two ladies will keep my streak completely in tact!

So for this month the only thing

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that I will have on the brain is parties…. blogging parties, my party and my kids party… then of course thanksgiving is supposed to happen in between all of that. Goodness knows when or how.

What do you do to make it out alive when it comes to big birthday months??

Are you a sucker for a party theme too?? What kind of themes have you done for your kids?? What one has been your favorite??



  1. I’ve been struggling with the party idea for my kiddo. Will we have one every year? Probably. But I think I’ll keep it low-key – family, school friends and outdoors if Kansas weather will permit. When you said, “Dark Alice” all I could think of was the alter ego to the maid on The Brady Bunch! Ha! Can’t wait to see how the costume turns out. Your party sounds like a blast.

  2. I had a Star Wars Theme party for my son a couple of years ago and it was definitely the biggest one I have pulled off to date. You should check out my Pinterest Boards for some of the ideas I did. The “Han Solo frozen in Carbonite” was a huge hit!! (it’s actually an action figure in a blue jello mold – LOL!) Also, the bubbling Yoda Soda — had to make a second batch for the jedi’s in training they loved it so much. I also found little Lego Block candy at our Bulk Barn that they had fun building with – and then eating.
    Finally – 3 words: Death Star Pinata!

    My own best party was for my 30th. there was a hot tub, there was a tub with ice….also beer. some people…..yeah….more beer! ….and….. that’s all I got. Good times!! LOL

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