Thoughts on Parenting – Stress

My stress level has been at an all time high this past two weeks. I am just struggling, you know those weeks? Where everything you need to do is an uphill battle with your body and mind? Where nothing really gets done or when you complete something another thing just pops right back into its place? This week has been a hard week and I can’t believe it is ending on a Friday the 13th, with a full moon.

I am hoping that I make it through, that our kids make it through without any major incidents. I am always a little more nervous too on Friday the 13th’s to add to it all. They never breed much good unless I stay away from people – which is near impossible. But when I do, nothing untimely happens. So you can imagine how I feel today with my already stressed self and now a Friday the 13th here on my plate.


Then a full moon as the evil cherry on top.

Needless to say I may spend as much of my day today hiding in my house. Plus it is beyond cold in my house right now so I can only imagine what it feels like at -5 outside. Something that I am not used to here in Vancouver. Even though my stress levels are at an all time high I am hoping to get something done today. Anything completed today.

What do I need to focus on today? 

  • Clean the house, because for me having a clean home makes me feel less chaotic. If I can’t control some of the other stressors in my life I can at least control this one.
  • Not biting my nails, since I am crazy stressed that also leads to me biting my nails. According to my kids ADHD/ADD questionnaire it is also a possible symptom of that. Something, after filling out those forms, I am 100% convinced I have. Can you say hypochondriac?
  • Finish some assigned work. I am behind, which is adding to my stress. The irony here is that I was too stressed to wrap my head around the work this week and that is why I am now behind in both of these stress factors. Isn’t life funny? NOT
  • Don’t have a meltdown. From the sounds of things right now not sure how possible that may be but a girl has to try right?
  • Do something that makes me happy. Anything, whatever it may be today.

I can only hope that I will make it out of this day alive.

How do you cope with stress?


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