This years Holiday Crafts

So a thousand of you are already showing off your great holiday craft ideas so I wanted to leap onto the bandwagon before y’all drove off without me!  As you know my hubby and I made that “windy guy” costume this year, for his Halloween costume.  Well after making that I noticed I have ALOT of left over black craft wire.  I keep looking at it.  What. The. Hell, should i do with you.  THEN. IT HIT ME!  WINE GLASS CHARMS!!  I see this all over the place and I really like the idea, especially for entertaining, and especially since my gf helped me graduate from plastic wine glasses to actual glass, glasses lol.  So I now know what I am going to do.  I will use this craft wire to make a few gifts for a few people i know.  All that i have to invest in is some beads which is easy enough to find at dollar stores, as well as different coloured craft wire if i decided to do a bunch of different things! 
Anyways on my search to find photos of things i can do I found this blog.  She made these wine charms just how i saw them in my head so i’m stealing her idea.  I am all over it and I love what she did with them.  
see gorgeous right?!??!  doubt mine will look like that but w/e!
she uses some lovely gems to pull this off.
If you have ANY great ideas of what else I could do with craft wire please let me know!!  I have a few candle holder ideas, some Christmas decoration ideas as well as candle additions so just give me a link and i’ll definitely take a look!  Here are some other things that I found that i might pump out!
Thank you Martha.
Thank you Martha.
Martha, you genius.
Can you tell how much i love Martha’s website?!?! I go there, honestly, first for everything crafty i want to do.  If nothing else she gives me GREAT ideas that i can definitely use in some way.  Most of it is pretty adaptable.  Tell me what you think, those paper clips would be great for anyone you know that works in an office or even college or high school student as a stocking stuffer!  Puts there papers up above the rest!  Well at least i plan to use them at school once i pump out a few.  Of course i will show you everything disaster or not lol!

Also, in case you missed the last post, I purposed a Christmas card exchange for everyone this year.  I love getting cards and I would love to send some out to you amazing readers!  Please run over to my last post and leave your e-mail in a comment and I will e-mail you all to exchange info.  


  1. @erinsgobragh I know that’s my issue too. I have no talent for it, i just pray i get threw alive lol!

    @Deeds I saw some of those! I can’t wait to get beads and try stuff out. I have made a couple things with JUST wire which i’ll post later today. But with beads they’ll be better… i hope :S…

  2. ya know i never thought to look at Martha’s site for craft ideas? i’m all for buying her kitchen stuff at kmart but never thought of checking out the site. thanks so much Eschelle! My 12 year old has an extreme amount of beads and crafting supplies and we’re always looking for new things to create.

  3. @Vanita definitely hit the dollar store for some craft wire. Google images of “Craft Wire” and you’ll get so many lovely ideas of what to do with beads and wire its nuts!

    still waiting for the motivation to post a blog today UGH!!! maybe later this evening

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