This Is The Last Time I Will See The Number 200…

This it folks!  I am taking the first steps towards never looking at that number on my scale ever again so long as I live and breathe.  I am taking a weight loss challenge with an amazing local clinic Polo Health + Longevity Centre here in B.C. (New Westminster to be exact).  I wont be taking this challenge alone either, a small group of us ladies here in Vancouver are joining in and blogging about the challenge too and all of us are beyond thrilled to start.

In fact 3/4 of us are even starting with our day one TODAY!  Including myself, so that is exciting.

Now I have been where I am for a long while and that is just over 200 pounds, and that is just not cool with me.  Before I had my eldest son I was 115, after nine months I woke up at 200 and exhausted.  So incredibly tired.  I felt like, and still do from time to time, I am carrying bags and bags of groceries with me everywhere I went.  I have made lots of changes, limited myself on the crap and tried my best to keep myself loosing.  Honestly though I am just working at maintaining, going up and down no more than nine pounds at any given stint.

I walk everywhere.  We are a car free home.
I don’t shy away from healthy food, I am even known to lean towards Vegetarian choices from time to time.


My portion sizes are probably completely out of wack.
My sugar intake is horrible I am sure.
My drinking needs to lessen, beer is not friendly to your waist line.

All of those things and more need to change and Polo Health, along with my group of girls at my side are going to be my ticket to getting there.  I am going to be biting the bullet and doing their amazing 40 pounds in 40 days program, hopefully giving me that big boost I need to create more energy and level out my health and get my diet back on track.  Not to mention detox my body from all the crap I have been stuffing into it.  As delicious as all of it is, there are other things that are also delicious that wont kill me.  I am too young to be this tired and this big, this I have decided.

So, here it goes folks, I am jumping and dedicating myself to this.  I am tired of being a lazy ass and letting my laziness get the better of me.  I want to feel good again, I remember that feeling and I want it back.   Naturally that all has to start with a before photo of my chubby self… oi.

Before_day1_001After my appointment yesterday with the lovely Dr. Polo I can tell you that I am really confident that I will never see this body again.  My mothers body with my head on it… I am going to get the help I need to make those lifestyle changes I need to.  This program will make me appreciate food for all that it is worth, I know it.

Let’s hope that by the end of this, I will be able to say no a lot more to crap.  Wish me luck and follow along to give me and the girls encouragement!



  1. You go girl! I know you will do well – you’ve got your fellow blogging gals to keep you supported, and those of us not doing this will be following along, learning so we can be successful, too. BYE BYE 200, hello healthy!

  2. Wow! I’m so excited for you! What a journey this is going to be and to also showcase your ups and downs and journey for us right here on your blog!! I love it. Right now I’m in the gaining weight boat, but that’s because I’m growing a baby. Not letting it be an excuse to chow on anything but definitely finding it a struggle to see the chub collect on my thighs 😉

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