The #VAUpClose tour at the Vancouver Aquarium

Recently I was invited to the Vancouver Aquarium for a really incredible event for some breakfast and an exclusive #VAUpClose experience!  A great kind of experience that they really only had available for school trips, media events and birthday parties BUT they are going to be opening it up to the rest of us!  You know the poor saps out of elementary school and who are way too old for the kind of birthday parties they would really have in mind.  Not that they wouldn’t be open to the idea, trust me.  You will have to jump on the chance quickly though as you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy it!!  Check out what they have to say:


Until April 30, Vancouver Aquarium Up Close features new interactive shows, special behind-the-scenes experiences, and up-close programming and displays designed to provide visitors with a new and exciting insight into what is involved with caring for the diverse, and individually unique, 50,000 aquatic creatures at the Aquarium.

“This new experience provides a special opportunity for us to share the stories of the mesmerizing animals that call Vancouver Aquarium home in greater depth and magnitude,” says Clint Wright, the Aquarium’s senior vice president and general manager. “Through Vancouver Aquarium Up Close, visitors are invited to get hands-on and receive an intimate glimpse of the around-the-clock care and husbandry provided by our professional animal care team. They will also gain deeper insight into the conservation issues our aquatic animals face in the wild and the role we each play in protecting them.”

Visitors will take a journey beyond their first impressions of their favourite animals to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of these beguiling creatures. Ever wonder how the giant Pacific octopus gets fed, or how a living coral reef is recreated and becomes a home to animals here? Where do the 9.9 million litres of water in our 400 exhibits come from? And how do the Aquarium’s biologists handle the electric eel without becoming electrocuted? Witness these – and more – answers unveiled when exploring Vancouver Aquarium Up Close.

Also, you won’t want to miss out on these new offerings, available only for a limited time:

·       Vancouver Aquarium’s Wet Lab, featuring over 6,000 invertebrates representing close to 150 species, including sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs, sea urchins and more, will for the first time be open at various times for daily exploration, offering visitors hands-on experiences with spineless animals from local seashores.

·       New interactive marine mammal shows will demonstrate what’s involved in animal care, and why this care is so important. During each show, one very lucky visitor will be asked to step into the role of a marine mammal trainer.

·       Visitors in the right place at the right time may be selected to step behind the scenes and visit animal care areas that are typically only accessible to Aquarium staff. There’s no telling when or where this will happen, but the surprise is all part of the fun.

·       A new Ask the Staff program will run daily during the feature, offering visitors the unique chance to learn about  – and ask questions of – aquatic animal experts, as well as those who help lead the Aquarium’s various research, education and conservation initiatives.

Really cool right???  If that wasn’t enough to make you want to jump in and check it out I am sure that my photos in this post and past visits will make you want to spend a day at the Aquarium with your families.

vaupclose_001And if you didn’t notice up above, not only are their programs, staff and animals just amazing – they have some really epic material in their gift shop as well!  Things you literally can not leave the place with, I mean “Otters Strike Back”?!?! How do you leave a place without that?! oh yeah… you can’t!  BUT for those of you not able to stop in at our Aquarium BUT are visiting our fine city via the airport guess what??  The aquarium has a store there and there amazing items can be yours there as well.  You know just in case you forget on your travels.

Make sure you get a chance see the Vancouver Aquarium like you have never seen it before; up close and behind the scenes!

What do you love about the Vancouver Aquarium??  If you haven’t been to it, what would you love to see the most??



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