The moment you have all been waiting for!!!

Okay so I know that I have been a little MIA this week.  Honestly I have started doing day care again.  I know, I know.  I am really enjoying it this time, currently I have 1/2 of my spots filled and he is a sweet little three year old boy!  LOVES superman, incredibly talkative with a REALLY large vocabulary that I am going to love adding to.  Today we covered the words: “boundaries” – Eldest was rather pushy today you see and couldn’t keep his hands to himself.   “disrespectful” – Eldest was well… being that way during lunch.  “analogy” – “Superman” said that the laundry room was the “laundry’s house.”  Then of course I threw in “scrumptious,” – I LOVE that word it was inevitable that he would learn it.   

So that is what I have been up to for the last couple days but that IS NOT why I am here.

Some of you have been so patiently waiting to see my new hair cut.  Now I am not really too keen on my hair.  I love my bangs but the rest I would have preferred done another way… but my hair was really damaged so a lot needed to be taken off and i’m sure that caused some style restrictions lol. 

Are you ready for it!??!?!?

see the bangs are nice. 

meh to how I look, sorry kinda a slob day.  

Yes my computer is in my kitchen/dining room.

Not to mention right in the middle of EVERYTHING in my house.  <-- my excuse for always being online... not so much these days though lol.

I just realized that every summer I have work.  Last summer I was at ABC restuarant, the summer before I was doing childcare… rest of the year?  Not working lol!!

So what do you think of my hair??  No not my fat face my HAIR!

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6 Comments on The moment you have all been waiting for!!!

  1. It’s so cute! I am jealous of those light curls. :)

  2. Love the bangs….they are banging!

  3. Cute hair, and despite what you think of your face, you have beautiful perfect cupid’s bow lips. I’m definitely a little envious :)

  4. I am so glad you guys like it. I thought the rest of it looked really “mom-ish” but a mother did cut my hair. I dunno maybe I just need a HUGE change or something to really enjoy myself.

    @josh and melinda you’re too sweeties!! I do love my lips! My mom always wanted to be able to take me to get them puffed up a bit but i thought she was crazy!

  5. You DO NOT have a fat face!! In fact besides your already mentioned lips you fave a cute nose. Your hair?? Really liked it!!! ;)

  6. I love your hair! It looks great.
    And I also think your face is beautiful!

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