The Hope Knot from the Women’s Brain Health Initiative

On Monday I was greeted with a really awesome little gift from a really great women’s brain health initiative – The Hope Knot.  A really lovely piece that comes in sterling silver and stainless steel and designed by a lovely Canadian jeweler by the name of Mark Lash.  Though the holiday package rush clearly kept this away from me longer than anticipated I am so happy to be finally sharing with you even though it might not have been in time for the holidays this year.
Hope_knot_post_001If you notice the design of this piece is not only made to look beautiful but it is also made to look very similar to the look of our brains.  Really creative, meaningful and divinely thought up representing how cognitive thought is connected to every aspect of life.  Now when it comes to health us women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers often do nothing but take care of others 24/7 really putting our own health on the back burner all the time.  Which is why initiatives like this are so important, to bring awareness, to bring support to those suffering and to really make us women realize that our health is important and we need to take care of ourselves.  We need to get up and be aware of our bodies, what they need, and what steps we need to take to make that happen.

Awesome part about this is buying one of these amazing pins donates to supporting research and education to combat women’s brain aging disorders.  Something we really need to be aware of, for every man suffering from a brain aging disorder, there are TWO women.  Today the lovely people of this organization has given me the opportunity to give one of my lucky readers one of these gorgeous pins.  A pin you can wear to support those suffering, a pin you can wear to help spread awareness and a pin you can wear to remember to take care of yourself a little more often.  To take yourself off that back burner.

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Good luck to all those who enter!!!! OXO

5 Comments on The Hope Knot from the Women’s Brain Health Initiative

  1. I don’t have any experience fortunately … A joke… Hrmmmmmm…
    Here I am!!! What are your other two wishes?

  2. I have had a relative suffer from alzheimer’s. It was sad to see her become more forgetful each year I visit her. She passed away 3 years ago

  3. I would love to win this for Mom!

  4. The brain is such a mysterious enigma. Grammy had Lewy Dementia and there were days she was as clear as a bell, and other days, she didn’t know who we were but could recall things from the past like they had just happened. Sometimes, I just wanted to shake her and scream, “Be yourself!” but she couldn’t.

  5. So excited to of won this. My grandma has Alzheimer’s and it’s going to be amazing to support this initiative.

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