Tekno Newborn: An Adorable Addition to Christmas!

My kids love the idea of having a bunch of animals in the house. Sadly as renters and as parents on a budget that just isn’t as easy as they would like it to be. Which is why I am so happy that they have such great toys these days. All the different little robotic animals to help fill that little “we-need-all-the-pets” void they seem to keep having. But there are a bunch of different ones all over the market. Making decision making a moment of endless research or endless toys. This is why you love it here though, I like to find some of the best toys for your dollar and Tekno Newborn toys fit the bill this time.

Looking into these great toys you can see just how cool they are. With a bunch of different options when it comes to sizes and colors you can find a new friend for anyone on your list. Tekno Newborn – the puppy or kitten, are both fantastic. They do more than most toys like them on the market and come at a great price, which is great for Santa after all.

Tekno Newborn’s come in both puppy or kitty forms come in 6 different colors including blue, pink, purple, teal, special edition Dalmatian, as well as a Toys “R” Us exclusive all-black puppy. Giving you super cute options in any of your little ones favorite colors. This year I snagged the boys a super cute Teal one just in time for Christmas this year and I can’t wait to see what they think of this sweet kitty.


This sweet little thing does so many cool things. It can beg, walk around, jump and can even jump into your hand on command! They are all light, sound and touch sensitive making them highly interactive which is great for kids that seem to need endless stimulation and interaction to keep them interested in a toy long term. At only $25 this is a great idea for your little ones for sure as it can do more for a WAY better price than soooo many other toys just like them on the market.

That is why they are my top choice for robotic animal toys this year!

Which color Tekno Newborn would you love??



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