Teeth Whitening: Who is a Good Candidate and Who is Not

Take a look at magazines and nighttime talk shows. A-list to barely celebrity personalities all have white teeth. How do they get their smile so shiny? Several methods can get teeth grades whiter. Some elect to have their teeth whitened, an effective but harsh procedure. Actually, some people should not get their teeth whitened at the an office. But there are other ways to get teeth white.

Behavior and Habits

Some medical conditions lead to discolored teeth as well as habits including drinking tea and coffee. It’s natural to want to improve your smile and whiten your teeth. But, coffee, for example, does not stain teeth at an even capacity, meaning some teeth are less white than others. Whitening teeth on one’s own could lead to varied shades of color, which could look even worse than stained teeth.

Prior Dental Work

If you’ve had extensive dental work done, you may want to consider whether bleaching your teeth is a good idea or not. For one, the bleach may compromise the integrity of existing work. Alternatively, due to the makeup of any caps or fillings, it may not stain at the same rate or at all, which would lead to a spotted smile. If you’ve had a lot of work done, you may want to consider other options such as veneers.

History of Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to think twice about using whiteners. It may be a bit uncomfortable to pretty hurtful depending on the type of bleach and your tolerance to pain. Ask your dentist if whitening is suggested and what method is best for you.

Is It Covered?

Some procedures are covered under your dental insurance. Check with your plan advisor or online to see what applies. Otherwise, an out of pocket fee could be costly or surprising if you’re going in the office without knowledge of your plan. You could use an at-home kit which is much cheaper but requires your own effort.

Intrinsic or Extrinsic Whitening

Intrinsic whitening involves a gel that gets absorbed into tooth enamel. It bleaches a tooth from the inside out, which produces a more magnificent smile. Other methods address extrinsic stains on the teeth. A mildly stained exterior may only need extrinsic processes. It’s best to seek the opinion of a dentist.


Sensitive Gums

In addition to sensitive teeth, you’ll want to protect your gums from any at-home kits that involve gels which can irritate and burn the gums. Even if your teeth are not irritated, gel can leak out of provided dispensers and onto the gums. Moreover, some gels can cause nausea or vomiting if accidentally ingested. Be wise in choosing home remedies. Read reviews and related information on Whiter Smile at-home kits.

Results Vary

You’ll see a range of results depend on the method and person. For example, a person in their twenties who does not smoke or drink is likely to have an easier time in whitening their teeth versus one in their sixties with decades of smoking in their past.

Have you had done teeth whitening, what were your experiences??


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