TeaTime With Harris Tea

Life without tea would be a horrible thing. I am a huge lover of tea and I have my late mother to thank for that love. She was always fond of an amazing cup of tea at any time of day. A cup of tea could solve any of the worlds problems and her tea of choice was usually a classic Orange Pekeo. She was always a very picky lady to top it off, she knew her tea and I know she would have loved to share a cup of Harris Tea with me. Their Orange Pekeo blend is top notch and is foolproof to make.

Foolproof tea that tastes good no matter how sleep deprived you might be in the morning. I am not always mentally capable to get my tea process completely right, plus I am impatient too. Then to make matters worse I have a classic problem: Tephidophobia.

Harris Tea
They are right too, there is nothing worse than a badly made cup of tea. Nothing. Nothing worse than a cold cup of tea you made and were dying to drink and nothing worse than a cup of tea made by someone who has no clue what they are doing. Harris Tea has made a great blend for any skilled or not skilled tea lover. It is great anyway you want to serve it even cold after you have left it lord knows where for the millionth time.

This Orange Pekeo Tea feels like a huge from your dearest oldest friend on a long hard day. Completely liberating, comforting and soothing all at once. This tea has come home to me at the perfect time of year and I can’t wait to share a cup with my friends who need me on a long hard day this fall.

Tell me, how would you share a cup of warm Harris Tea?


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