Super Neat Bookmarks from the week Saturday!!!

Alright so one of my gfs used my computer and harsh messed up my comp and I had to reformat… thus loosing all my newest bookmarks, since I hadn’t had a chance to back them up yet… stupid me.  Regardless I tried to hunt somethings down for you and decided to share a BUNCH of LOVE themed photographs!

Maybe help inspire you for your next writing piece….

To share more love with your family…
To keep you going, when the going get tough; cause…
And to generally just keep you looking at things in a new way…

I hope you have a lovely Saturday, the sun is beaming here today and i’m sitting here in the sun working watching the kiddies play on the deck. Amazing… planning on making a love filled dinner and having a great bath with my new book!!

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3 Comments on Super Neat Bookmarks from the week Saturday!!!

  1. Cute!! Reformatting is a nightmare though, I’m sorry you had to do that!

    I’m a new follower from the Spearmint Baby Alexa Hop!

    Pretty Opinionated

  2. losing everything just stinks! i’m glad you’re up and running! hope you had a great Saturday. Hugs!

  3. I’m sorry you had to lose everything on your computer like that, but the good news is you find pictures like these to share with all your readers :)

    And it is a lovely post!

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