Sunsetter Beer Candied Bacon Recipe

Beer Candied Bacon

After having a chance to test out the great new Sunsetter Beer from Stanley Park Brew I knew I had to create something with it that would be perfect for snacking on. Something outside the box a little bit but that I knew would be a great pair. I started thinking pork chop dinners and from there it hit me! Beer Candied Bacon. Did you hear me?


With the Sunsetter beer having a great peach flavor I knew this was going to be amazing and I am so happy they did too and urged me to give it a go!

Once I got their blessing, and some help with ingredients, I ran off to one of the best deli’s I knew for some of the best bacon I could find and as usual these ladies didn’t disappoint me. They never do when it comes to bacon and they have a bunch. I mean what better way to compliment a local brew than with locally smoked bacon am I right?! I snagged two different types their slicing bacon and their kings bacon.


I giggled all the way home making the whole skytrain envious since I was carrying a bunch of strongly smoked meat. It was glorious – they really need to make bacon a perfume. Anyways once I was home, we had finished dinner and my kids were out of my hair hubby and I could get to work on our beer candied bacon creation.

Sunsetter Beer Candied Bacon Recipe

Sunsetter Beer Candied Bacon Recipe


  • 1 cup Sunsetter beer from Stanley Park Brewery
  • 12 pieces of Amazing bacon of your choice (thick cut)
  • 1/4 cup + 1tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp honey


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. In a bowl put your brown sugar, honey and beer.
  3. Mix until combined and smooth.
  4. Put your bacon on a rack, over a baking sheet place into oven for 7 minutes.
  5. Take it out and spoon/brush your sugar and beer mixture over one side of the bacon place into oven another 7ish minutes.
  6. Take out your bacon again, flip it, coat other side with sugar beer mixture, put into oven and repeat these steps until over and over until your sugar mixture is gone.
  7. Your bacon is now beer candied and delicious, great to enjoy as a snack or as a yummy salad sprinkling OR as you will see in my next post how incorporated it into a dessert.
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This is a fool proof recipe that anyone can pull off and it was amazing, so amazing I needed to make another recipe using this amazing beer candied bacon.

What would you make with a peach beer??



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