Squish Those Squish Dee Lish Toys

Squish Dee Lish
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood

If your kids are anything like mine they love blind boxes. They love the amazing varieties of blind boxes they have out there and this year JAKKs Pacific Toys has coolest little squishes all your kids will want. JAKKs toys has a whole new series of Squish Dee Lish toys out, perfect for your little ones to collect and love!

BONUS your kids get the excitement of opening up to see which ones they will get to collect.

Squish Dee Lish
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood

With all different kinds there is also a squish for everyone. From take out containers to seashells they literally have one for every kid out there. Making them a great addition to gift baskets and presents for everyone you and your little ones know.

There is more to these little guys than just great looks and awesome colors these little guys are slow rise which makes them extremely soothing to squeeze. On top of that each one has their own unique scent making them extra fun to open. My youngest son LOVED opening them up in his very first unboxing video we put up on our Facebook Page.

The Squish Dee Lish toys are a great new collectible for anyone looking and you can find them at any Toys R Us.

Tell me do your kids love blind boxes too?


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