I am not even sure what to say today.  I canceled my party after ppl started to pull out like mad last minute.  I hate that.. its like inviting your whole class to a party and one kid shows up and hes 20 minutes late.  I dunno my hubby had to pull out due to ID issues with it getting renewed etc.. everything just started to fall threw.  Maybe tomorrow I will go anyways with a couple girls but I am not sure yet.  I felt so upset i just canceled it I was finished.  Childish?? Perhaps but lets face it I’m an incredibly sensitive child i guess.  Kinda jealous, I managed to pull off a party for my hubby in August and over 30 ppl showed up to say Happy Birthday ALL of which know me 15 are VERY close to me at least.  Only a couple of those people can make it and two other girls one from west van and another from my old work.  No one really knows each other, forcing conversation is tiresome especially when disappointed.  It’s not like i got my hopes up a great bunch RSVP’d yes and then my hubby can’t make it and BOOM.  Gone.

I’m probably just silly, so be it.  I actually cried today, like a seven year old at that party where no one came.  Depressing.

Yet another Birthday celebration gone and done; yet again.  Cursed birthday I swear.  ANYWAYS my new focus is making sure this isn’t a “month” curse and ensuring my sons birthday is great! Lucky me ALOT of our friends are attending that, so i guess i’ll get my party anyways…

So excited for his party and now I have a crapper load more time to get everything done and i’m not freaking out about it as much.

In the mean time i’m trying to figure out how to add this code to my blog in our to make this a mobile site for and an offer/review partnership sort deal.  You may have noticed their button at the side of the screen on the lower right hand side.  Hoping to figure out what I am doing wrong if you have any experience please let me know in the meantime this is the link to my “mobile site.”

In the meantime here’s this gorgeous picture that I accepted today into the “Vancouver” group I am apart of on Deviant Art.  It is just lovely and a photo from a landmark park in Vancouver. 

Ties to the Traditional Past by =AeroStrike on deviantART


  1. Thank you guys you really helped validate my feelings. I honestly thought i had no grounds for them.

    Two of my gfs are taking me out anyways, my gf from work and my west van gf. So I get a girls night out; which will be fun too. Not exactly what i expected but it will definitely be fun!

  2. that totally stinks boogies and you have every right to feel this way. i say go have a good night out with the girls and enjoy yourselves….and then make sure u post pics:) haha

  3. huh, wish I could help you with the bit of code.
    and you’re not being silly at all.

    i’m sure you’ll have a great time with your gfs and be happy you didn’t miss out on it because you were so busy playing hostess.

    happy happy bday!

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