So I Am Finally Having A Wedding…


There has been a reason that things have been a little slow since the holidays here on my end. That reason being I am finally planning a wedding for hubby and myself. If you weren’t aware, or you aren’t a frequent reader, my hubby and I have been together since I was 17 and we haven’t actually gotten married or had a wedding.

I know it is pretty crazy.

So we are FINALLY doing it, we are taking the plunge this August and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Well… I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Right now I am unsure if hubby is excited – but he is helping… kinda.


In light of this, of course, there will be a massive surge in wedding content here on the blog, in fact I am even going to be launching a Wedding Guide perfect for any bride-to-be! I am even working with a super small budget and partnering up with the amazing Raj from Pink Chai Living who is going to be my wedding fairy god mother. She will be taking care of all d├ęcor and food for the event and I can’t wait to see all the magic she creates.

With a little help from her, friends, family and amazing sponsors I know I will be in store for a magical day.

It really makes a girl feel special when so many people want to come together to give me the big day I always wanted even with my tiny tiny tiny tiny budget of $2,500.00. It is going to be a challenge but I think we can pull it off and with Raj in my corner I know it is going to be spectacular.

Do you have any tips for me and how to pull this wedding off?


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