Smart Parenting With Smart Technology

Technology will always continue to improve, and with it comes a whole host of practical uses. In the past, using a smartphone was considered a luxury and there weren’t many benefits to using one over a regular phone for parents. But as smartphone technology improved and more practical uses were discovered, we’re now able to use smartphones for a variety of different things and improve our parenting.

Embracing Technology

One of the key things about modern parenting is the ability to embrace modern technology. If you’re still stuck in the past and you’re refusing to learn how to use computers, or your children dazzle you with their technology prowess, then it’s time to update your knowledge. As a parent, it’s your duty to find ways to connect with your children and it’s also your responsibility to look after their wellbeing as well as their interests. However, you can’t do that if you don’t have a shred of knowledge about how modern technology works.

A computer is a good place to start learning about how technology works. Once you master the computer, you can move onto learning about the internet or even try playing some video games with your children. Once you have a grasp of how the world wide web works, you can easily pick up new skills, hobbies and most importantly, you can learn about how smart technology can improve your parenting. However, let’s assume that you already have some knowledge about computers if you’re reading this article, and let’s dive into a few ways how smart homes and embracing technology can improve the way you look after your children.

A Safe and Secure Home

If you’re a busy parent, then you’ll understand the trouble we go through to ensure that our kids are safe when they come back from school. We as parents are protective (sometimes overly so, but we wont talk about that) by nature, so it’s natural for us to want to keep tabs on our children. Instead of phoning or messaging our children on their phones every half hour to ensure they’re safe, it’s possible to install smart technology into your home that can keep track of this for you. For instance, you can get a smart home security solution that will send updates to your smartphone when your door is opened, when the locks are touched or even when someone approaches your front door. It can send you a notification and even record a few seconds of footage depending on what device you own.

This gives you peace of mind when your children are travelling from school on their own. If you haven’t received a notification by the time you expect your children to come home, then you can give them a message or a call instead of trying to contact them on a regular basis. You can also use this service to ensure that your children aren’t leaving the house unexpectedly when you are out shopping or with your partner, and it’s a great way to track how long they’re outside on a weekend or a free day.

In addition to surveillance, you can also use a smart home system to control doors and even the lights. For instance, if your children are home alone and you’re worried about burglars that would take advantage of your children’s curiosity, you can use your home security system to remotely lock doors or view who is at the door so you can contact your children to tell them to not answer, or you can instantly contact the local authorities. You can also use smart lighting to control the strength of your lights and check their status to always ensure that the lights are on, thus deterring any potential thieves.


Improving Efficiency

Great parenting is all about managing time. After all, we still need to make time for ourselves and for our work, so we can’t always be there to look after our children. However, we can cut down a lot of time that we would’ve spent away from our children by finding ways to efficiently utilise that time. For instance, smartphones have apps that will make it easy for you to plan for the future. You can download a timetable or scheduling app that will help you keep track of your daily tasks with ease. You’ll no longer have to rely on notes on the fridge or a huge list of things in your mind—you can simply check your phone and keep yourself on track.

Another great use of smart home technology is the ability to complete tasks without having to leave your children. For example, you can do all of your shopping through Amazon’s new Echo device. It’s voice controlled which makes it a fantastic device to have in your living room. For example, if you’re playing with your children and you remember that you need to buy some new blankets, you can simply call to the Amazon Echo device from across the room and get your shopping done. You can say things like “buy new blankets” or “order the latest LEGO” instead of having to go to your desktop PC, load up a web browser, look for the items and then order.

Final Words

Although this article is dedicated to telling you the advantages of smart technology for parenting, there are some dangers that you need to be aware of. First of all, you should never become so engrossed with technology that you neglect your children. Technology isn’t a replacement for good parenting—it’s used to assist you. For instance, you can use your smartphone to speed up tasks and give yourself more time to spend with your children, or you can use it to watch the latest shows and educational material with your kids. However, you shouldn’t just give your children a tablet device, install an educational app and call it a day. Everything in moderation, always.

However, assuming you can find the right balance of technology and face-to-face parenting, you’re going to have a much easier time than using traditional methods.

How do you juggle parenting in the smartphone age??


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