Skip the Dishes this Weekend!

There are so many amazing food apps out there but there is one out there that really stands out from the rest: Skip the Dishes. This amazing little pocket miracle is my secret weapon for when I need anything, and when I say anything I mean it. I can legit order in a cheesecake or a box of cookies and have it arrive right to my door.

Forget to get cookies for the whole kids class for their birthday? Order them right to the classroom while you are at work without having to worry about them not getting there in time for lunch break!

These folks go completely above and beyond and in more ways that just bringing you on demand cheesecake.

For example, when you order in they not only confirm your order but they do all this while you watch them on your phone app! Not only do you get to track this info but the restaurant uses it to estimate your drivers arrival to ensure the food is made at the perfect time, picked up super hot and brought to you as fast as possible. It is honestly quite genius, you can even see the moment in time that the restaurant decides your driver is close enough and they begin to cook your food.

skip the dishes

This is why Skip the Dishes is my favorite place to order from, amazing variety since they hit up places like Subway even or Quiznos, Bakeries etc… They are always the hottest delivery, their drivers are amazing: Jamie being my fav in my area and you are never in the dark in terms of “where is my food?!?!?!”

So what are some great #reasonstoskip those dishes??

  1. Variety – down to cheesecake being brought to my door.
  2. Guaranteed hot food – I have never had even a “warm” meal – they have ALL been hot when they were supposed to be hot.
  3. Great customer service – you always know what is going on with your order thanks to their GPS.
  4. They have great online offers all the time! Savings is always a good thing and they give big!

So the next time you need don’t want to cook, but know you don’t want to order the same ole things – check out Skip the Dishes. You will not regret it!!

Use promo code: BLOG108187 and get 10% off your next order!!

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What do you usually order when you get take out with your family??




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