Shop Svelte – Mom’s New Best Friend

Shop Svelte is mom’s new best friend, and my new little love affair when it comes to jeans or anything even close to comfortable pants. Now when I say comfortable I don’t just mean feeling comfy like your sweat pants but these are all ego boosting pants that are going to make you strut your stuff like a queen.

Do you want to know why?

They have waist control that is incredible and is still beautifully comfy. Like most “control” items they usually leave you feeling like a sausage screaming to get out of its casing. Not something that I really enjoy but these pants are all just like wearing your bests friends hug as a pair of pants. You are supported and comfortable enough to do whatever you need to do no matter how ridiculous.

They’re magical pants. MAGICAL.

These magical pants are going to change the way women can do Thanksgiving and other holidays. The amount of comfort and stretch that they have is beyond incredible. And no matter what they keep you looking smooth with no unwanted lumps and bumps you definitely need to Shop Svelte!shop svelte


What makes Shop Svelte clothing so special??

Built-in shapewear. Brilliant built in shape-wear is directly integrated into each piece. Their light shapewear insures your clothing fits snug and stays flattering for a long time. Great right?

But what kind of control does this offer me?

Svelte’s shapewear clothing gives you a nice light control. It is made to remain breathable and comfortable, while getting rid of all those tucks, bulges and forever dreaded: muffin top. Made to give you comfortable control and support all day long without any discomfort. Heck you could sleep in these beauties.

They make more than just jeans too, they make tops, skirts and leggings of all kinds!

Tell me what would you guys love to get your hands on from Shop Svelte!?


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