Rockin’ Barbie Party!

There is always a good reason to have a great kids party and I found another great one: Barbie Rockin’ Royals! That is right Mattel has a great new line of rockin’ Barbie’s out and let me tell you, they sure do know how to rock.  Mattel was even sweet enough to help us with our very own Rockin’ Barbie Party!

I have always been a huge fan of Barbie and so has my youngest, in fact our love was rekindled once again over our last campaign with them and the super amazing Entrepreneur Barbie.  All of them are incredibly fashionable and I love just how well they’ve been put together.


It was a great time to have my boys girlfriends over to celebrate the new Barbie movie and enjoy some fun together jamming out together.  It was a really great time to keep the girls still while I painted their nails.  I clearly am missing out having two boys who don’t want to put on the polish.  Good thing we have so many good girlfriends to share with!

So just think a group of my boys and all their girls lots of popcorn and way too much sugar plus nail polish.. you bet it was a TON of fun.  I had a blast and so did all the kids, we rocked out, whipped our hair back and forth and enjoyed some time with Barbie and Friends.

Barbie always teaches you to follow your heart, shoot for the stars and follow your dreams cause they can come true if you really work at it. 

Tell me what is one of your favorite Barbie memories from when you were a kid??


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