Rebecca The Sandal

I have owned my fair share of sandals in my day, but nothing like the Rebecca. This, hands down, has been one of my favorites to date. I probably said that last time when I was talking about my last sandals but that’s how it goes, new shoes always feel twice as good with NAOT Footwear. Most shoes out there you have to break in, not NAOT though – they are comfy from day one till they are totally worn out.  Something I still haven’t managed to do on any of my amazingly made NAOT shoes.  True quality work.

But why are they so comfy?

Well if you really want to see exactly how these marvels are made this video takes you step by step in the process.  Appropriately named: “The Road to Comfort”:

Totally and utterly hand made and checked over and over throughout the whole process.  Again, this is a quality shoe, a shoe you know you will have for a lifetime – a great investment in your wardrobe.  This is why they have such great and classic styles that are completely timeless. Perfect for pretty much any occasion, I have turned these sandals into evening wear for some outings and they looked great! They are not just for the beach my friends.

It sure helps that their varied collection of comfortable shoes, clogs and boots made of high quality natural substances from Europe’s finest manufacturers of cork, and latex (natural rubber) as well as superior Italian leathers.  How can you possibly be uncomfortable in something made of the best materials?  Oh yeah, you can’t!!

NAOT Footwear - Rebecca

Did I mention that they are orthopedic?  They provide removable footbeds to accomodate orthotics, extra depth in the footbed which gives relief particularly to those patients that suffer from bunions, Hallux Valgus and Hallux Rigidus support, Metatarsal and Long Arch support. Great for people suffering from all sorts of ailments, or those of you like me that would love to prevent those things by having a solid quality and supportive shoe.  Much like a good bra, you need to INVEST in your footwear.  NAOT is the perfect place to do that in the most fashionable way, they have such a wide selection you can literally have a shoe for any situation – even runners.

Gorsh I love these shoes, and this company.  They have treated me so well over the years and they have earned so much praise from me. My feet are the happiest they have ever been thanks to them and their heavenly shoes.


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