Time For Parenting Confessions


Parenting is one of those things that you never get the hang of. Not in a bad way, it is just that every time you get a handle on them something out of left field comes and hits you in the head then all of a sudden something new and challenging is going on. There is never a dull moment and you either love that about parenting or it is what keeps you up at night. Or both!

There have been more than a couple times I have doubted my decision about this whole parenting journey. In fact let me tell you one of my more eye popping “real parenting” moments.

I was the tender age of 22 and had my hands full with one 1 1/2  year old son that had seemingly lulled me into a sense of apparent oneness with this whole parenting journey. I thought I had it all together. He was napping on a perfect schedule and was like clock work. He barely cried and he never tried to climb anything.

But this day was different… 

I had managed to drink my coffee that day, before the end of naptime, without having to reheat it or forgetting about it somewhere. It was an eerily good day looking back on it now.

The end of naptime came and my eldest was, to my knowledge, still sleeping. Naptime was over though and if I wanted my kid to go to sleep that night, right on time, I needed to go in there and wake him up; and thank goodness I did.

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When I opened that door with my sense of accomplishment I was welcomed by the striking stench of poop. That same sense of accomplishment immediately left as soon as that smell hit my nose. I looked down at my sweet little baby only to see a poop covered demon grinning ear to ear. He had managed to open his diaper and play with it like a monkey: painting most of the crib and leaving poo-shaped creations all over.

Then there was him, covered in poop and happier than ever…

Have kids they said, it will be fun they said…






  1. My #realparenting moment was waking up last Saturday and drive my son to school. He didn’t seem to question why we were up early on a Saturday. Didn’t question where we were going. I drove, parked and walked him to the school. Then he told me it’s Saturday and they don’t have school. I didn’t even believe him at first until I pulled out my phone and indeed it said SATURDAY. Instead a tantrum for waking him early and ‘making’ him go to school, he said we can go out for breakfast and have a ‘date’ with mom!

  2. My husband shaves his head and I heard his razor in the bathroom thinking it was him. Nope it was our 3 1/2 year old daughter! She got about a third of her head shaved before I snatched it away from her. She “wanted to be like Daddy”! Needless to say she wore hats for a while.

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