Purging Before You Move

The boys and I have a lot of stuff. When I say a lot I really mean a lot. Though I am sure other families with say they have more and they could very well have more but I have enough stuff to overwhelm me. In light of this fact, and since we are moving and would like to move as little as possible. I want to get rid of a lot of things. So I thought I would write a bit of a post on how I have always managed to do the purging before you move.

You know why you need to purge before a big move?

Cause most of it is useless and has been collecting dust for a long long time. In our house its my kids old toys they haven’t touched since they discovered video games, then more kids school stuff than I can shake a fist at. THEN you have all the crap I have been collecting over the years. To say the least we have to throw away a lot of stuff.

How do you get your kids on board with me getting rid of their toys?

For me it is a simple conversation about how long it has been since they played with it and how they can make room for new things, I always offer to sell the really good stuff so they can use that money to save up or purchase other things. This move though we are going to be selling off a mother load of items cause I am hoping to get rid of a lot of their things.

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I will start one bin at a time and sort into Toss, Sell, Keep piles in the hopes that my kids will be adding more to the sell/toss pile over their keep pile. With some encouragement and help I am hoping to get rid of at least 1/2 their collection of toys.

Remember the lights at the end of the tunnel.

You will get to that space of less stuff. You will declutter and you will find that peace. You just need to pull up your sleeves and do the work!

Wish me luck, for tonight we will be spending our Sunday evening going through every toy, putting up ads to sell them and enjoying the thought of way way way less stuff.


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