Proposal Don’ts: What You Need To Know

Proposal Don'ts
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Before the big day comes there are always a few things to consider, one of those things being the proposal. Regardless of who in the relationship is popping the question there are always so many things to think about. Where is the best possible place? When is the best time?… among many other stress inducing questions. But maybe the best way to help you narrow down the best choices you need to consider all the proposal don’ts.

Don’t Skip It

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to do something. Regardless of who is you can’t just skip the gesture all together. Some people have been dreaming of that moment since they were little and robbing them of it honestly is a terrible start. Even if it is small and not a huge parade it is important to ask and express yourself and your feelings.

Don’t Put Anything In Edibles

There are so many horror stories of people placing rings inside cakes, drinks etc… and it going exactly the opposite of how they planned. With a proposal over a toilet bowl during a day of recovery (eeeww) no thank you. Better safe than sorry in this situation, especially on such a big purchase.

Don’t Propose Near Bodies Of Water

I know lakes, docks and boat rides are incredibly romantic but it might be best to stick to land when it comes to your proposal. Especially during months with windy weather things can go south pretty quickly which will mean you are going to need to go swimming to find your lost ring, or you are out a big chunk of cash.

Don’t Propose At A Sports Arena

Not one woman I have ever met, or person for that matter, would ever dream to have a proposal happen at a sports arena. Again you are setting yourself up for failure. Even the most die hard of fans would probably prefer to not have this happen during a live game. What if they say no? Not the most private way to express massive disappointment.

Don’t Propose During A Holiday

Your soon to be partner isn’t a passing holiday and therefore you shouldn’t give them that impression by proposing on cliché days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. It isn’t a good idea. Not to mention that doing so in a public place where other couples are enjoying their nights will mean you are stealing every other couples thunder during their date.

Proposal Don'ts
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Don’t Text Ask

This should go without saying but a matter this huge shouldn’t be expressed through anything digital until after the other party has said yes. Then and only then is it fine to talk about your proposal on any digital channel. I am so sad to say that people have done this and that is why this is even a warning on this list.

Don’t Propose At A Wedding

Never, under any circumstance, is it okay to propose to someone during a wedding. A bride’s wedding day is about her and her partner not about your romantic endeavours. If you want to avoid the wrath of Bridezilla just keep that ring in your pocket till you’ve left the party.

Now that you have an idea of what not to do you might be in need of some new ideas. Visit this amazing spot for some perfect proposal ideas!


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