Play bingo for a fun filled weekend

Planning to have a fun filled day this weekend? Or looking for something out of the ordinary todo in your spare time this weekend? Worry not! We’ve got you covered.

In today’s world, spending time with family and friends becomes important but finding that perfect idea takes time and effort. So, to help you. we’ve got the best idea for you to have a happy weekend. Or in the least an exciting weekend of number calling and making older friends in person or online – I mean bingo is highly under-rated.

Its BINGO! Bingo games are extremely popular and entertaining. For those who have been around the 60s and 70s ladies will know what all the craze is about. As a child, you surely have played this game and enjoyed it as much as everyone else does. Now its time to pass on the fun to the newer generation. Or to yourself because you are looking for fun things to do at home or at 2pm in the afternoon when you have nothing to do and you are approaching your 30s….. totally not me *cough*.


You can plan a picnic with your family that involves food, beverages and a game or two of bingo. You can buy bingo cards from any gaming store or create your own printable cards. There are various types of bingo games such as 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo etc. Choose the one you like the best or play online at to learn how to play the games.

Enjoy the game with food, laughter and cheers.


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