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eco-friendly wedding
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Traditional weddings are known for their impact on the environment. Some people might think it’s not even possible to have an eco-friendly wedding. Well here at BridesMade, we know that an eco-friendly wedding is definitely possible, and beyond that, it can actually be really easy!

Do you have grand plans for your wedding? Not to worry, turning your wedding “eco” is easy and won’t take away from having your dream day. Follow these 10 tips to transform your wedding into an environmentally friendly event!

Online Wedding Invitations

In a world where almost everything can be done online, it’s no surprise you can create wedding invitations online! No need to write out addresses, instead you can have them emailed directly to your guest. And best of all invitations can be designed exactly how you want! Check out Greenvelope to get started.

Keep it Local

Not only will this give you a sense of connection to your venue but choosing to host your wedding locally will drastically reduce your environmental impact. Less emissions from driving and/or flying for you and your guests is not only an eco-conscious decision but also much more convenient!

Ceremony and Reception Together

Who said your ceremony and reception had to be a different venues? This tradition is common if you are having a church ceremony, and then moving to a separate location for the reception. Unfortunately, transporting your whole wedding guest list from one venue to the next uses a lot of resources that can easily be avoided. Choose to have a ceremony and reception at the same location. You can always have the ceremony in one area of the venue and the reception in another!

Smaller Wedding

A smaller wedding will, no doubt, reduce the environmental footprint of your wedding. Each guest means more people driving, dining, using resources, and staying over. These all have impacts on the environment. If you can cut down your guest list at all, this is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact.

eco-friendly wedding
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Use Environmentally Friendly Confetti

Did you know that confetti is usually made from plastic? After the celebration is over and the confetti settles it gets into our water and eventually, into our food chains. Animals might eat it, which leads to all sorts of digestive issues. Thankfully, there’s an easy alternative for you so you can still have your guests shower you in colour!. You can buy (or make yourself, if you are a DIY bride) compostable confetti! Check out EcoFetti who makes their confetti with only biodegradable materials. It can be really pretty and an easy switch!


Did you know you can get paper or silk flowers? Yes! And they look just like real flowers. Some florists might even offer this option themselves, or renting your flowers is an easy and affordable way to reduce your wedding’s environmental impact. Check out these amazing folks for faux-flowers in North America.

The impact of using real flowers is sadly very bad for the environment. Every real flower or piece of greenery you purchase needs to be grown, which uses water (and often harsh pesticides, fungicides and herbicides). Then it needs to be transported from farm to store which uses gasoline from driving or flying. Next the florals are stored in refrigerated display cases, until the consumer buys them. Truly a poor life cycle in terms of environmental sustainability.

eco-friendly wedding
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Rent your Bridesmaid Dresses

We all know that most bridesmaids only wear their dress once, only to be stowed away in the back of their closest taking up space. Eventually they will make their way to the landfill and contribute to textile waste, a growing issue because of the fast fashion industry. Luckily you can easily rent your bridesmaid dresses from BridesMade. This is an easy alternative that will not only reduce the environmental impact of your wedding but also is more affordable and stress-free for your bridesmaids.

No Disposable Dinnerware

Disposable dinnerware may be cheaper but it also has a huge negative impact on the environment. All of those plates, cups, and cutlery end up in the trash, and ultimately the landfill. Try to use ceramic or glass dinnerware and you’ll be doing the planet a big favour! Don’t want to buy a bunch of new dinnerware? There are a lot of companies that rent out dinnerware! This is an easy and affordable option for high quality products.

eco-friendly wedding
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Make your Menu Local

Eating local is always a good option for reducing your environmental impact. So why not do the same for your wedding? Find a caterer who offers locally sourced foods and you’re done! Extra bonus: You will get food that is in season and has so much more flavour!

Donate your Wedding Dress

This tip may be controversial. Maybe your heart is set on keeping your wedding dress, and that’s fine. But if you’re not completely sold on the idea of your wedding dress hanging in your closet never to be worn again, then donate! This is an environmental AND social decision. Empower another woman to feel gorgeous on their wedding day when maybe they wouldn’t be able to afford a new dress.

These top ten tips to have an environmentally friendly wedding are easy fixes to the traditional wasteful and resourceful wedding. Do you like these ideas enough to put them in your wedding?

Happy Planning!

The BridesMade Team


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