Pinnacle Vodka – Tipsy Strawberry Mint Lemonade [RECIPE]

Pinnacle Vodka

Summer has been a hot one this year, especially this week, which means that us moms need something a little more refreshing than the typical glass of wine. I mean we need some variety, some simple variety that consistently tastes great. Pinnacle Vodka had heard my call and knew exactly what I needed.

They knew I needed the Pinnacle Vodka Classic Survival Kit to help me get through my gorgeous, hot summer.

pinnacle vodkaThis company really know how to set up a great survival kit, fit for anyone in need of some more life in their drink choices. This Vodka is so beautiful there is no wonder it was awarded “Best Vodka” the smoothest I’ve ever had. With it tasting so amazing and with all the gorgeous summer inspiration I had I made a great drink that I just know all of you are going to flip over.

Pinnacle Vodka – Tipsy Strawberry Mint Lemonade [RECIPE]

Pinnacle Vodka – Tipsy Strawberry Mint Lemonade [RECIPE]


  • Pre-made lemonade (homemade or mix whichever you prefer)
  • Lemons
  • A bunch of Strawberry Mint
  • Fresh or Frozen Strawberries (thaw berries if frozen)
  • Raw or Cane sugar
  • Pinnacle Vodka


  1. Muddle together, in a short glass, a few leaves of strawberry mint, a couple of strawberries, a tsp of sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice in the bottom of your cup.
  2. Add two cubes of ice once muddled and well mixed together.
  3. Add one shot of Pinnacle Vodka.
  4. Top with lemonade and garnish as you like (i.e. lemon slices, flowers and a sprig of strawberry mint flowers perhaps.)
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This Fresh Summer drink will keep you coming back for more and more. In fact I am already working on a way to turn this into a large batch for when you want to make a bunch to for a party. I would love to be able to make a big tub of this for everyone to dip into at a hot summer BBQ sometime before school starts.

Pinnacle Vodka

Perhaps I will even plan a “kids are finally back at school” celebration party for myself and all of my mom friends! I think it would go over great and we can all get tipsy at noon to add to the fun… of course then walking all our butts to school for pick up. I know it would be a silly thing to do but a few drinks amongst friends to celebrate the teachers who are watching our babies once again, isn’t a bad thing.

When was the last time you let off some steam with your friends over a great new drink recipe??


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