Get All Eyes On Your Creations


Those of us with a love of photography know the feeling of capturing the perfect shot. You want to shout it from the rooftops and show the world. Only, for most of us, the world doesn’t want to see that beautiful thing we’ve created. Or, they might, if they knew it existed. But, how do you get them to sit up and take notice? Getting your best work seen isn’t always easy. Too many budding photographers leave amazing creation unseen on their memory cards. Thus, they end the chance of the right eyes ever seeing their work. Here are a few suggestions that should ensure your creations receive the recognition they deserve.


Hanging prints in your home is the first step you should take. If you thought your family would jump for joy at your creations, you were wrong. If your family are anything like most, they’ll fail to show the same interest as you do about the perfect shot. But, framing and hanging your photography at home is still a way to ensure they don’t go to waste. You can appreciate them, even if no other family member does. Plus, guests may spot your work when they come round. This may only lead to a small audience, but even a small audience can give you the boost to continue. Plus, you get to enjoy your work. And, isn’t that what’s most important?



The next step may be to find online platforms for your work. We’re in an age where we can share everything, especially photographs. So, make the most of it. To start, you may have to offer photos for free. Sadly, that’s the case in many creative pursuits. With a little luck, though, those free offerings will soon see you making a return. There are a few different ways to start sharing. You could use a platform like Instagram. Using hashtags and communicating with followers will help you build a customer base. Or, you could opt instead to sell your images as stock photos. That would involve selling the rights for your work to sites, who then pay you royalties when they’re used. Some photographers aren’t comfortable with this, but it can be a good route to take in the beginning. Bloggers and websites often use stock photos, so it may be you best chance of gaining recognition.


It may not be an option straight away, but working with clients is another way to get your work seen. If they like what you do, they’ll hang your prints on their walls, or share them on their social media. This is a fantastic way to build a following through word of mouth. Get yourself some business cards and leave one or two with each client. That way, they can recommend you to their friends. Bear in mind, though, that they won’t recommend you if they don’t like your work. Make sure you offer them a service worth talking about.

How do you go about getting your photography out there?


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