How To Organize The Best Local Community Charity Events

Most people in their community are open to the idea of events that raise money for charity, people in need, and community services. The problem is, finding the right avenue to create your event. Neighborhood barbecues, selling chocolate bars outside a department store, and selling raffle tickets have been done to death. It’s not that they are not good ideas, but they are boring.

You can breathe fresh life into your community activities by changing things up a bit. Below are 3 tips to help you organize the best events ever.

Involve the community

We have all seen boy scouts and even cheerleaders organized to collect money for a cause. But take this to a new level. Instead of simply using a team to ask for donations, put on a show. Most towns have a nice park with a gazebo or band area that they will allow you to use. Try getting a local dance studio to put on a dance for the public. Dancers can be of various ages and entry is allowed by donation. This is a great and fun event for the entire neighborhood. You might consider doing this around the time the dance classes register for the new season,

Have a dance theme flea market. When parents are buying new costumes for dance recitals, they end up with several perfectly good costumes that are no longer needed by them. But a child entering the level your child just passed will need those outfits. Set up a flea market in the park where your show is being performed. Sell dance costumes, dance shoes, accessories (new and used) and various items that a dancer will need. Each sold item pays a percentage to your event.

Online beauty pageants

Set up an online beauty pageant for any age group. Each child, teen, or adult (divided into age groups) will post a set number of photographs. You then advertise the site on social media, in the paper, with neighborhood signs, and on your online fundraising site.

The easy part is choosing the winner. In order to vote for a person in each category, people will have to make a financial contribution. The amount is up to you. If you sell the “votes” for $1-$5 each, you can raise a lot of money. Do not forget to have a prize and crowns for the winners

Your online fundraising site is a free Crowdfunding site that allows you to raise money for any cause. Plumfund is a very good one. This is easy to set up, gives your campaign a bigger online presence, and it is free to use.


Candy scavenger hunt

You will need a good online supplier like Sweet Services to make this happen.  Order a variety of fun candy to be delivered to you well before your event. Package the candy (mixtures) into various containers. You can find some treasure chest containers, Ziploc baggies (decorate with ribbons), or plastic bowls with lids at your local dollar store.

Choose the area where you will hide the candy. Prepare a list of hints to hand out to the contestants to give them clues where the candy is hidden. The candy must be well hidden and the clues needed to locate it. Contestants pay for the chance to search for their treasure. Contestants get to keep their candy loot. And you will need a prize for the winner (the person who find the most candy). Use leftover candy to bag up for the consolation prizes.

These ideas are a twist on ideas we have used for many years. They are fun and easy to do. People love getting involved in bright new ways. Make this an annual event to keep your community thriving.

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