Oh Mother You’ll Love This!

When was the last time you really got something for your mom/wife that she really actually wanted. Something that could make her happy all year round, each month getting something new. The Oh Mother Care Kits do just that and they are spectacular. These kits were created by amazing mother Nicole who knows, like all us moms, what it is like to always be placed on the back burner. She, again like many of us, was tired of it and wanted to get some TLC and basically share it with the world. Each kit she decided would have: amazing homemade, Canadian, non-toxic and all natural products inside.

After all taking care of ourselves should also mean taking care of mother nature right?? I mean this hippy chick with two thumbs sure thinks so.

Knowing how amazing Oh Mother Care Kits was fun and all to read about, but I needed to see it to believe it and they sure showed me the light. These kits are amazing for any mom in any stage of parenting too, whether its her first Christmas as a mom or her fourteenth – she will love what Nicole chooses with love for every box.

winter-preorder-kit-bannerBest news is that there is still time to pre-order just in time for Christmas Delivery. Making this an ideal time to snag a box for the special lady in your life and remind her to take care of herself. With the amazing lemongrass bath salts I got in my box this Fall I was completely taken away in a soothing soak, then I got to pamper my hair with a shampoo bar, and after some amazing cuticle balm that was incredible. They even packed me salted caramels to nibble on – granted only ONE made it to my bath.


Here is a full list of contents from my Fall 2016 Box:
Flora Hue Lavender Cuticle Balm
Teageekery Tea – Herbal Harvest Pumpkin Chai
Red Lemon – Detox Bath Soak Lemongrass Ginger
NB Naturals – Orange Spice Aromatherapy Room & Linen Spray
Made with Local – Chocoberry Bliss Bar
LURE caramels – Salted Caramels
Lavami Everyday Shampoo Bar
Flora Hue Meditation Candle

An amazing selection of items chosen specifically with moms happiness in mind. Make sure she is taking care of herself this holiday season and really show her just how much she means to you.

When was the last time you got pampered moms??


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