New Basin, Old Plumbing: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Updating All at Once

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You know what they say – “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. But is it really? When features, like plumbing, around our homes bother us, like old carpeting or a rusted sink basin, it’s the way it looks that ruffles our feathers most. Besides, isn’t making your home look its best a great way to get buyers? Maybe not, as we explore five reasons why you should prioritize the functioning basics during a remodel.

You could spoil your cosmetic upgrades

If, for instance, you want to address flooring, but not plumbing, you’re setting yourself up for a
devastating loss. If a pipe bursts and waterlogs your new flooring, now you won’t have a choice
at all; both will need repair, and fast.
You never want to be forced into a remodel through essential repair. It’s always preferable to be
able to save up, price shop, and elect the most convenient time. Ignoring the basics doesn’t serve

Cosmetic doesn’t always add maximum value

If one of your goals is to increase property value, you should really consult an agent concerning
what upgrades count most. For example, a custom design scheme isn’t going to do anything to
bump up the worth of your home. In fact, there’s a good chance a future buyer won’t be into it at
When it comes to cosmetic design choices, buyers are always looking for what they’re going to
get rid of or paint over. Not so with new plumbing.

It’s not what buyers want

Have you ever heard someone laud their new home’s “good bones”? They’re proud of this because they know they won’t be saddled with expensive structural repairs in the near future. This gives them the freedom to make cosmetic upgrades to their taste.
Good bones are always a great selling point; a fancy faucet barely registers.

Cosmetic fixes are the absolute best time to upgrade your essentials

One major consideration in repairing vitals is access. Contractors always note the time it takes to
remove that part of the wall, or the extra effort the work will take while being squeezed under that cabinet. You’re the same way; when you replace your oven, you finally clean the area behind it before putting the new one in, because of the convenience of access. If you’re removing the sink or replacing drywall, there’s no better time to call an electrician or a Toronto Plumber and have the electricity or pipes looked at.
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It might save you money

Access contributes to labor charges, so you could end up saving if you bundle a pipe and basin
replacement together. If you’re doing it yourself, you have a better chance of doing it right while the area is exposed, hence negating the cost of having someone come in and fix your work later. At the end of the day, the sink still holds water, the carpet still covers the floor, and both still need to be replaced. This gives us the opportunity to protect our cosmetic investments by ensuring that the structure beneath is safe and sound. The integrity of your utilities are the perfect complement to a home that looks as great as it lives.

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