Netflix Shows Off Their Halloween Spirit

Halloween is my all time favorite time of year and it isn’t just because of it being my birthday month or Thanksgiving.  No sir, it is all about the annual Halloween movies, great fun getting outside everyone’s comfort zones and really embracing it all.  Not to mention eating all the candy we can get our grubby little hands on.

Of course I have a LOT of Halloween favorites, WAY too many to mention and WAY too many for you to got out and snag.  Soooo to make it super easy for you I decided to come up with a great list of Halloweeny movies you can veg out and watch on Netflix.  Movies that aren’t terrifying thrillers, as I know many may be sensitive to that and there are so many thriller Netflix lists out there.  Movies that you can watch once the kiddos have gone to bed and you are ready to start snuggling your hubby.


Dark Shadows:  A silly Vampire movie with Johnny Depp so what on earth more do I need to say??  Great way to spend an evening vegging out after the kids have gone to bed.


Hansel & Gretel: A funny, dark and exciting movie that I love to watch once in a while.  I am a huge fan of fantasy and kick ass action fantasy is right up my alley.


Sleepy Hollow: Another great Johnny Depp flick that is an old school fav of mine.  I know silly, BUT that is high school me – it was great in its prime believe you me and Johnny is still scrumptious and Christina’s dresses are EPIC!!


Ghostbusters: A Total classic and the one on this list that you could totally watch with your older kids for a family movie night if you really wanted to.  I mean we need to pass on our nerdy genes through tons of logic!  It is a great way ring in the Halloween season and get you in the spirit to be wacky and have a great time with friends and family.

With so many choices you know you can have a great time without leaving your house and with your loved ones AND it doesn’t require horror films!

What is your all time favorite Halloween movie??



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