Netflix Adult Halloween Movie List!

Kids. It is always about the kids right? But so many of us are just kids at heart when the Halloween season comes rushing in. Sure the kids deserve to have a great time, but what about me?? What about what gets me excited about the season? How about some Netflix movie lists catered to me and what I want to watch??!?!

Don’t worry folks, I got you.

Up ahead here is one of the best movie lists to get you in the mood for a morbidly dark good time after the kids have finally passed out from their sugar rushes.

The Voices

This is a horribly dark but incredibly funny comedy/horror beautiful pulled off my Ryan Renolds, Gemma Arterton, and Anna Kendrick. About a very unbalanced boy, who was raised by a very unbalanced woman and all that came from his adult life. To say the least there is murder, hilarious talking animals, great songs you’ll sing for a lifetime and some great laughs at the strangest of places. It is a beautiful, though dark, way to look into the mind of someone suffering from mental illness. Granted some liberties have been made. This is a great watch – highly suggest it.

Dawn Of The Dead

Now if you are looking for something that isn’t so scary you wont sleep for a week but scary enough to help you snuggle up to your man/woman for a few minutes this one will hit the spot. With terrifying moments and desperately needed comedic relief this one will keep you on the edge of your seat and feeling the Halloween chills for sure.


Burying My Ex

It seems I can’t handle horror anything without a splash of humor, I mean even the darkest scariest parts of life deserve a little laugh once in a while right?? I am not insane thinking dark moments are sometimes rather humorous?? Basically nice guy meets girl, girls dies in freak accident then he finally meets his dream girl. BUUUT sadly for him his ex girlfriend is back from the dead and making it a lot harder than it needs or should be at all in anyway. In other words a romantic comedy with zombies, great for any date night this Halloween! The guy even works in a Halloween shop.

Victor Fankenstein

Not exactly scary, maybe seeing Radcliff in this roll is, but it is a great movie for those who love some darkness, humor and action. Not to mention the classic Frankenstein tale we have all grown up to love. Taking a fun twist on the man behind the story which I quite liked to be honest. Meeting Radcliff in a circus as a deformed clown you see a sad historical side to Igor before the doctor got a hold of him. It was a good ride and a great way to spend a night looking for some Halloween inspiration! I love how Igor is a medical genius in this version, it was honestly enthralling to see him as the mind behind it all, definitely a must see.

Netflix has you covered for entertainment this Halloween season and it isn’t all just for the kids! What will you be watching once the kids are in bed??


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