Natalise “The Lucky Ones” [REVIEW]

I love being able to take the time to find someone new to listen to when it comes to music. I mean there are new amazing artists all over the world that are screaming to be heard. Which is why I love being able to take a look at a few great artists trying to do just that. Natalise “The Lucky Ones” really has that amazing charm. The sweet sound of her vocals speaking out and expressing herself and how she felt during a time she was so uncertain. People she held dear were both diagnosed with stage 1 and 2 cancer – life was becoming a trial.

As someone who went through a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis with her mother, when my mother would let me. Those feelings were things that I could truly understand on a very deep level. Maybe I understand them even more than she does having lost both my parents to a battle against cancer. Those moments of pure uncertainty on how you can now rebuild a life without those people. But in the end we were the lucky ones as we experienced how life is so short – making us want to take it by the horns once we have mended.


My mother loved music and I know she would have loved Natalise if she was still around. Since she also lost her mother at a younger age, even younger than me, and I know she would have felt a connection to what Natalise is trying to sing out.

“‘The Lucky Ones” is the kind of video that lifts the viewer out of their own body and places them in a calming, beautiful world created by Natalise and director Andrew James Abajian. The clip is centered on Natalise standing on a rocky stretch of the California coast, at first staring out into the infinite. As the waves crash behind her, she serenades the camera with the heartfelt message of ‘The Lucky Ones.'”

Natalise is going to be a joy to listen to when it comes to what is will be bringing to the table in the future. You can find her on her website, facebook, twitter and Instagram!

How has music helped you get through?


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