My kiddos bday party!!

We had a great weekend with a birthday party for eldest, he had a HOOT, and today I was at MomInc tradeshow (if you have never been to something like this I HIGHLY suggest doing so!).  Needless to say I am tired but thankful this will be the last really busy weekend until Christmas, you know as long as I can help it. 

I really enjoyed my kids birthday party this year we had a great bunch of people and everyone was soo happy to be with us.  Kids all had a great loud time which was lovely, eldest finally got to have a bunch of his little friends over to play his Harry Potter Lego game and enjoy his day of angry birds!  Here you can see some of the great pictures I have!

the angry bird balloons, got the pdf from (

My mother in law printed them out for me.  I then sat there for MANY hours cutting out about ten of each character, then blowing up balloons and taping these faces to them.  I made sure to inform my son that he better remember how much work I put into this.  I understand the sign says happy Halloween but he was insistent that I keep that up… 

starting the present rampage!
loving all this prezzies!
The amazing cake from The Valley Bakery here in Burnaby!  Tasted amazing (we got chocolate butter cream)

I was so happy about our cake it was the PERFECT addition to our party and I just love the work this bakery does.  It is always consistently good to the very last crumb and they use fresh dairy products which, to me, makes it just that much more decadent. 

getting ready to blow out his candle!!
cutting the cake with our party pack plates!!

I am still so happy that I got my party in a box from I have used it at a few different functions now and I can’t wait to continue to get good use of it, later in the week we’ll be diving into it in detail so stay tuned for that!

having a great time making a HUGE mess!

mingle mingle!!

As always it was a great party with a great group of people, everyone got along and we were so happy to have everyone.  Thanks again everyone for celebrating our amazing little man with us, he is such a treasure and all your love was definitely felt!

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