Mumfection’s Swanky Gift Guide For Any Mom-to-Be

It has finally happened. I have hit the age where everyone and their cat are having babies and that means that I am going to have my hands full when it comes to picking out gifts. I know that I am not the only out there either being over run with baby showers. Worst part is I am totally out of the loop when it comes to baby things, it has been 7 years since I have had a baby and I need to brush up.

That is why I created:

Mumfection’s Swanky Gift Guide For Any Mom-to-Be!

This is the perfect list of items that can work for all budgets whether you are on a super tight one or have a huge one cause you are pooling together with friends for something fab. I have the perfect item on this list, guaranteed.

Gift Guide

Swanky Must Have Strollers – they see me strollin’, they hatin’

Trying to pick out a stroller that is high quality and has all the bells and whistles that you need for your life specifically can be a the hardest challenge of all. So your welcome, as I have taken the time to really narrow down your must have choices.

For the first time mom who needs every bell and whistle in the book.

The UPPAbaby Stroller is all that and a bag of chips. It has that old school pram feel with all the newest safety features that any new anxious mom would need.

Heck it even have an SPF 50 extendable sunshade for when you are strolling those beaches in all your sweaty after baby glory!

It comes in any color under the sun which is great for the VERY particular first time mom who needs to have everything JUST SO. You can make sure it matches her home, her car, her purse or her nursery color scheme.

For the mom of multiples who needs ALL THE SPACE!

The Baby Jogger City Select is a great model for a mom who needs a nice sturdy option for wrangling both her kiddos. It even has an attachable board option if you happen to have 3 and really need the extra flexibility! Granted this stroller says it is for jogging it isn’t singularly a jogger stroller but it does have the ability to stand strong when you need to run after a run away toddler.


As always, it comes in every color you could need. As a mom of multiples myself I bet she will choose black. Always black!

Swanky Must Have Diaper Bags – no lame baby characters all over these babies!

I can’t tell you how many ugly bags I managed to collect over the course of both my boys early years of life. Things no adult should have to carry and not one design that I grew fond of. In the last few years they have realized we just want purses with more compartments not childish baby bags we can’t be seen in public with.

So here are my favs listed cheapest to most expensive!

gift guide

This Ju Ju Be Be quick purse is great for the minimalist on the go mom who has her packing skills down pat. This little beauty will hold all the essentials if you know how to pack it right and you will look put more put together than any mommy at salsa tots!

Gift GuideThe Little Unicorn Rambler Satchel is a bag I currently want and not for any baby reasons. It is practical and great for a day at the beach or when you need a little more space than your ordinary purse but want less than a back pack. It is a great medium for any mom at any stage. That makes this bag timeless and endlessly useful, an investment bag and worth every penny for years of service.

13fm02l_tad_no_size_1__76653.1426704126.1280.1280The BFF Ju Ju bags are all amazing but the Admiral is my favorite choice in terms of space and design. It fits the needs of a mom of multiples with enough space for all the kids plus whatever mom needs too! It has great insulated bottle pockets, antimicrobial lining to help you combat germs, plus comes with both messenger and back pack straps! Super flexible and super durable, just what every mom needs in her life.

Swanky Must Have Fun Baby Items – because what is the point unless you are having fun?

When you are a parent it is important to remember to have fun while you are going through all the motions. Life is better when you are smiling so why not grab some things to keep that mom-to-be in your life all giggles and love with some of these great finds!


The Happy Baby Wrap is a great way to help any new mom have some fun with her baby with minimal effort and maximum comfort. Best part being it is super washable and looks great on mom – plus safe and cozy for baby. Coming in so many fun colors this is a great thing to have a few of for any fun class or occasion!


Is the mom-to-be you are buying for a BIG camper? Then maybe they need a super durable sleeping option to help them wrangle their other kids while organizing fun activities on the campgrounds! This 4Moms Breeze playard is the perfect option. Since you can set it up in one simple motion it makes the best idea for any mom who knows she might not always have two free hands to put things together. Especially while camping.

gift guide

Bath time is always a great time for fun and these are my two top picks for any kids bath time routine. The Oball Duckies are super colorful, have lots of texture and are easy to keep clean! Perfect for any mom wanting a more updated rubber ducky look for her kid! These ones don’t hold liquid either which means you don’t have to worry about mold build up!


My next fav bath toy would have to be the Boon Pipes, these babies can keep any kid happy and content to stay in the bath for DAYS. Nothing beats these and they stick to the wall and actually STAY THERE, which is huge for me cause I can never get these things to stay on my bathtub tiles.

ACCESSORIES!! That is right even babies need them and they are the most fun things to go through and try to buy for any little one-to-be.

Swanky Must Have Item For Mum – because our boobies need some TLC!

Bamboobie Boob-ease Organic Soothing Therapy Pillows are a heaven send for any mom trying to breast feed in any capacity. They are incredible at soothing your ta-tas after a feed or during an infection. Think of them as a hot and cold water bottle for your boobies. Giving them the relief they need to heal and keep on keeping on feeding those babies!


Tell me what would you put on this list?


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