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Mumfection mom of the weeks are a great weekly feature that is always changing and showcasing some of the best moms out there. All of them are from all walks of life and LOVE to share a little about themselves with us. If you are interested in being a mom of the week feature please email me for more information.

momoftheweek_banner_005Dawn Whittaker is an amazing mother and wife and had dedicated her life to ensuring mothers and families get their rest.  after all a rested happy mother is a happy calm household! 

  1. 1.  To get to know you better we would love to hear what your busiest day of the week is like.

I work from home and just recently did a blog post about what my days look like through the week, I often have to get up at 4am to get the three children, the dog, my self and my business taken care of, my husband tends to come last through the week, not good I know. So my day will start early around 4am and end around 9pm, with three children (one who plays competitive soccer) and a business to run, my brain does not switch off and my to do list is never ending. I tend to flop into bed around 9pm, often with the iPad to fire off a few more emails before grabbing some sleep.

 2.  How has being a mother changed your view on life?

Being a mother has really brought home to me how precious life is, its made me much more anxious than I ever thought I would be, I left England when I was 18 to travel around the world, I left for a year and didn’t get back until I was 26. So I was gone much longer than my Mum expected, I remember she was crying at the airport when I left and i was just so excited to leave and see the world, back then I just lived for a life experience and was on my own schedule, now I can only just bare to get on a plane and when I have to fly alone I am a nervous wreck as I have to make sure I get to my destination in one piece as i have a family to take care of and come home too.

 3.  What has been, in your eyes, the biggest reward and struggle of motherhood?

The biggest reward is having little arms thrown around you and little kisses that are so delicate planted on my lips accompanied by ‘I wove you’, they are so genuine that you cant help but feel so proud and so much love, its like nothing else in life.

The biggest struggle has been letting go of myself – some days I have to go out make up free and in sweat pants, and this is now how I would normally brave the world , however, I also know that it wont be like this forever, but it will come in waves as the children grow and hit different milestones, of independence.

4.  Name two things you learned, the hard way, about parenting in your first year as a parent.

The two biggest things I learned about being a parenting in my first year was that My marriage was not as stable as I thought it was and I did question if I had really met the man of my dreams, and that it was not as easy as it was when I was a nanny! Being a nanny was a walk in the park to being a mum, I spent years working as a nanny all around the world, it was amazing, however I didn’t realize that back then I actually had an end to my day.


 5.  In what ways are your children exactly like you?

My eldest likes to make everyone happy , my daughter physically looks the most like me, my youngest is high energy, he does not stop from dusk til dawn.

6.  Tell us a little about your pregnancy/ies and what you would have done differently to prepare.

My pregnancies were all very similar, I fainted alot with all of them and had really bad evening sickness, although I didn’t throw up much I felt terrible, I found laying down in a dark room with white noise on really helped alleviate the nausea. Two of my children came on their due dates, so that was very handy. I would not have done anything differently I didn’t have any expectations going into labour – I knew it would hurt, so I didn’t have any sort of plant to follow, but just went with it instead.

7.  How do you measure a parents success in this world? Do you think you measure up to your own expectations?

My own philosophy is that I want me children to experience life and the world, before settling down, they are not old enough to explore yet or travel alone (although I have sent my two eldest to england twice for a month the last two summers alone) but if all of them do some adventuring after school, then I would feel that I have been successful in that I have given them life and confidence to stand on their own two feet, I want them to know that I will always be there for them but I want them to make decisions for themselves, to set goals and achieve them. When they are all old enough I would like to do a family trip to climb Kilimanjaro, so that they have a good family bonding experience to remember before they leave the nest.

8. What are some of the lessons that you have learned from your own parents about parenting?

That it causes arguments in a marriage but that its normal and you can get through it, you also have to be on the same page and you cant allow the children to play one parent off against the other, I have learned that I am married to my husband not my children, they will get older and leave, its important that we are still together so that we can continue to live out our own dreams.

9.  What do you love about who you are as a woman and as a mother?

I sometimes think that I have the harder job as I find parenting much more emotional that my husband does and that upset me, as we see the same situation in two totally different lights, but the children are more likely to sit with me and snuggle, kiss and hug me and I think my husband feels left out sometimes as they make a beeline for me, in terms of being a women, I like that I am mentally strong and independent.

10.  How do you battle “parent guilt” on a daily basis?  What advice would you give to others?

I try not to get too caught up in this, I am only one person and can only do so much as I have three children, so its about accepting that and not putting pressure on yourself to live up to the crazy expectations that are put on parents these days. I do my best and that is all I can do.

11.  The worst piece of unsolicited advice that you have ever had the displeasure of receiving.  

I actually don’t recall getting any unsolicited advice, actually – may be I did but I just can’t remember.

12.  Share with us your most embarrassing parenting moment… so far…

This is hard as I don’t embarrass easily, instead I tend to deflect things with humour, so nothing actually stands out here.

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