Mommy I Fell Over!

While most adults tend to look where they’re going, unless engrossed in their smartphone, children are often off in their own worlds watching the birds in the trees, pretending they’re riding a horse or thinking about what’s for dinner that night! When you add in the fact that kids haven’t quite developed their motor skills yet, have poor hand-eye co-ordination and are slow to respond to balance changes then there’s no wonder why cartoon plasters are one of the most commonly used items in the first aid kit!

Look, Listen, Learn

There’s no getting away from it kids fall over and they fall over a lot! Sometimes it’s because they’ve forgotten to tell you their laces have come loose,so buying velcro shoes will save you a lot of time and energy if this is the case. Often they’ve not looked ahead to see what obstacles are in the way or have been running and just lost their balance. It’s important that kids are taught to walk properly and that you don’t let them drag their heels or mess around trying not to step on pavement cracks.The next time you leave the house watch to see how they behave in a busy street, or where there are lots of things to navigate.

Don’t be afraid to show your kids that they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, but remember this can be difficult because children aren’t as tall as adults so won’t be able to see everything. Point out steps, curbs, other people, loose paving stones, trees set into the path and scattered litter. If you want to reduce the amounts of slips, trips and falls then why not set up an obstacle course at home? Surround the area with duvets and cushions so they don’t hurt themselves and arrange chairs, small tables, books and other objects that they can practice avoiding stuff.

Balance Beam

One of the reasons kids end up with so many bumps and grazes is partly because they haven’t learned to balance properly yet. If your child is particularly accident prone don’t panic as they often grow out of the clumsy stage. Meanwhile, make sure that you have a good supply of infant pain relievers on hand, and here are some effective remedies to combat any back pain you suffer from having to pick them up multiple times a day! Kids who struggle to balance may also have a medical problem like an inner ear issue, ask your child to jump a few times forwards and when you tell them to stop suddenly look to see if they wobble or fall over.


Use Those Muscles

It’s imperative that children spend lots of time running, jumping, skipping, hopping and walking as well as playing games that force them to reach or move towards an object. Children who have weak muscles will tend to get tired quicker, simply because the child doesn’t have the strength to go forward any longer. Once kids have built muscles in their arms and legs, they are less likely to fall over because they’ll be able to support their own weight.

Then keep up all the hard work because it is worth it!


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