Maria Communion [REVIEW]

I know it seems a little silly, but I remember when I took my first communion. Ironically it has been the only time where I have gotten dressed in a pretty white dress in my whole life. Not very funny when you consider I have two kids now and no wedding to look back on. When one of my friends came to me asking about communion dresses I was completely floored.

I am not an expert.

I am not religious.

I am slightly jaded since I didn’t get into squeeze into a white dress before I got fat after pregnancy.

But she’s a great friend and we want her little girl to look amazing on her special day – her first communion.

That is how, after a lot of emails and threads in mom groups, came across Maria Communion. An amazing site that has everything you need for first communion dresses in the most stylish of fashions. They have so many looks to choose from that you wont know where to even begin, below were our top two choices.

Since this is a huge day for her we want to make sure she feels as special as she is and one of those two dresses I think are going to be the key to making her feel like a true princess and true little lady. I remember feeling so grown up in my little dress all fancy and being taken out to tea after. It was a great memory and one of my last fond memories inside a church.

Best part is Maria’s white communion dresses highly suggests their dresses for occasions outside of just first communions. These are dresses made for all kinds of fancy occasions your little one may need to be apart of. Compared to other competitors they average about 60% less cost wise. Great for the budgeting parent who still wants to make their princess feel like the princess they are!

What do you remember about your first communion?


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