#ManCandyMonday – Zac Efron

yes yes I know I have done him before, but I just saw his last movie “Bad Neighbors” and totally died cause WOWEE!  Hilarious movie if you are into that college humour kinda stuff, it is a little raunchy so you have been warned.

side note… my youngest is bouncing around the house, after ice cream, calling me a potato.  Perhaps I have been sitting too long??  I dunno I have strange kids.

Back to the man candy, that is all that is important on a Monday and Zac is just getting better with age man.  It. Is. Amazing.

See what I am saying???  This is the best way I could have ended my day, and my day was a little stressful.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better for all of us, after all it wont be a Monday right??



  1. I am a dirty dirty old woman. LOL
    but I seriously do not remember boys looking this fricking good when I was this young!
    what the heck happened?
    oh yeah — I was a teen and young adult through the grunge years. :(

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