#ManCandyMonday – Theo James

Today a ton of things are changing in my house.  Sweet baboo is off again for work and I am about to embark on a HUGE lifestyle change and adventure.  I will get into that more later this week though.

Monday is here and in light of these new changes coming into play I wanted to find someone new and thrilling to add to our Man Candy Monday line up here at Mumfection.  I mean we are all about variety and new things just like all these upcoming changes I am planning on making in my day to day life.

Let’s all welcome Theo James!

A debonair man to start us off on this week me thinks don’t you??

He can really wear a suit man, those British men just have that swagger most others can’t seem to pull off.  Perhaps it is just confidence in your suit.  That is my theory anyway.

If you haven’t seen him before then you have been living under a rock cause he is the lead heart throb in the Divergent series.  Insurgent of course is on its way (lord knows when I don’t remember dates very well), and all the tweens and teens are thrilled across the lands!

A Little About Theo…
Born December 18th, 1984 making him 30! (yum)
Born in Oxfordshire, England… yup, you heard me right on that.
He has been dating Ruth Kearney since 2009!  Rumour had it he proposed to her in 2015 but their rep withdrew that statement.

I hope this helps you get through the day and work week!  Share with your friends and make sure to sign up for our new newsletter!

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Happy Monday Everyone!



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