#ManCandyMonday – Scott Eastwood

Lately the internet has been a buzz about a certain young man born to one of the coolest men to have ever graced this planet, Clint Eastwood.  That is right folks, today we are taking a lovely gander at the beautiful son he created (good heavens prepare yourselves) Scott Eastwood is all kinds of sexy.

Scott-Eastwood o-SCOTT-EASTWOOD-90020004 article-0-1BEBD147000005DC-242_634x886TCX100113_172I know right?!?! completely divine this man is, now you wont be able to think about anything else and your houses will remain messy and your inbox’s full.  Get your mind out of the gutter!! I didn’t mean it like that.  Anyhoo shall we get to know a little about his man??

A little about Scott….

Scott was born March 21st, 1986 BABY!!

(same year as my hubby)

He was obviously born in California, Carmel-by-the-Sea California to be exact! And grew up in Hawaii apparently!

He was actually born Scott Clinton Reeves.

(after his flight attendant mother)



Disclosure:  I did NOT take any of these photos… as always, I really wished I had.  lol


  1. ooohhh….he’s got his daddy’s steel eyed gaze. So funny you choose him – I’ve been watching a lot of his dad’s movies lately: Pale Rider, Unforgiven, Josie Wales.
    he’s a baby for me though…. I’ll have to stick to his dad.

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