#ManCandyMonday – Sam Heughan

It is impossible for me to describe just how much I have been in love with this new show Outlander.  Unlike most of the world I haven’t actually read the series yet (on my list I swear it, and yes I will totally still read the whole thing after watching the whole series… you know why? That is just how I roll), but I have been adoring the show!! Straight up the best show, love the kilts… never been so sexy!

I want to share with you my new found love for kilts, and it is this man… Sam Heughan.  Delicious.

eeefab7e508ec134551c3aaac96e795d outlander (2) Outlander 2014 Outlanderfixed sam_heughan Sam-Heughan-Jamie-Fraser sam-heughan-just-jared-spotlight-01You see??

Kilts have never been so amazing in all their years.  Dear lord.  Maybe I am just not around them enough.  Who knows.

A little about Sam…
He was born April 30th, 1980
He is obviously Scottish and studied in Glasgow
He is best known, before Outlander, for his roll in A Princess for Christmas in 2011

Wishing all of you a great long weekend… totally envious of all of you that have kids going back to school on Tuesday.  Choked our strike is still in full motion.  Thankfully this guy made it all just that much better in my eyes!


Disclosure: no I didn’t take these pictures, they’re done by other talented lucky folks.

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