#ManCandyMonday – James Roday

Well happy Monday everyone!  If you are here in BC happy BC day to all of you.  Naturally because we are celebrating a holiday here I thought that would go with a great local theme, and I hope I have chosen well.  Netflix has recently helped me get totally an utterly hooked on this show Psych.  A hilarious show about a fake psychic detective and guess what.  Whole thing is filmed here in Vancouver, BC.  So of course an amazing choice for our BC day!



James Roday, SAG Foundation, June 10, 2010 james_roday_2012_05_17james_roday_450Psych

I have to admit that hubby and I are totally and utterly hooked on the show and he is pretty much one of the main reasons.  He is completely hilarious.  The script is hilarious and as always I love being able to point out exactly where they are filming.

A little about James…
he was born April 4th, 1976
he is from Texas!
he is an actor, director AND screenwriter!

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