#ManCandyMonday – David Tennant

As with all things that I love I become totally and utterly obsessed with them and from time to time I go back and I revisit the pure awesome that is the thing that I love so much. With all the stress right now from family health issues I would rather not talk about here, I have been in need of the ultimate distraction.

What is my go to distraction right now?? Dr. Who.

Totally makes sense right?? I mean if you are in need of something distracting the doctor is your man. Him and all his timey wimey business always keeps me on my toes and out of my own head. Best part? It keeps me dreaming of the doctor dropping off in my backyard and taking me off to far off lands.

Can you guess which doctor is my favorite?

He is honestly the best man candy I could have gone with this week, honestly if you are not a dr. who fan you need to open up that Pandora’s box and get totally hooked like I am all over again.  I hadn’t seen it in so long but Netflix all of a sudden had it so I took it upon myself to convert my sweet baboo and it totally worked I think he likes it even more than I do.

Happy Man Candy Monday everyone!!!



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