#ManCandyMonday – Charlie Hunnam

All of you know this is old news but I love Sons of Anarchy, the severity of my obsession could border line unhealthy, but thankfully I have a significant other that is apparently in the same position as myself… clearly for VERY different reasons though.Β  My love for it of course has a little to do with the delicious cast that they have wrangled up for me.Β  Especially Charlie Hunnam who has been in the Queer as Folk (I think UK version or something), SOA, and has now been cast as Mr. Grey for 50 shades so I hear.Β  Let’s find out why shall we??

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I can definitely see why they would throw in into the 50 shades scene, he has tons of GREAT qualifications!

A little about Charlie…

He was born in Newcastle, England April 10, 1980

He was discovered DRUNK in a shoe store one Christmas Eve, he was buying shoes for his brother!

He has two cats, donkeys, ducks AND chickens!!



    • yeah it is definitely not for everyone… i barely made it to episode two after the pilot lol. But I can’t stop now, I also don’t really agree with the grey cast… I was hoping for some Ian Somerhalder… but I also couldn’t read that book.

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