#ManCandyMonday – Benedict Cumberbatch

Okay Benedict Cumberbatch not your average choice for a Man Candy Monday, he is a darker choice with divine eyes to say the least.  I think a great choice for starting off the new year don’t you?

I am not sure how many of you are Sherlock fans but I am which is one of the main reasons I love this man.  I am not an avid viewer of Downtown Abbey but I hear good things on that front about him as well.  Plus you have probably heard about him in recent news about his fiancé and his pregnancy!  I hope the little one gets his gorgeous eyes and delicious smile.

Oh my goodness I can’t get enough, especially when paired with his witty Sherlock persona and I am all over that.  Plus he happens to have played some of my favorite bad guys, I mean he can honestly do it all which makes him such a talent.

Plus look how wonderfully he dresses, granted these photo shoots clearly aren’t of his choosing, but you can see his public photo appearances to see what I mean.  I have a suspicious that they put him in shirts that are too small on Sherlock, they love the tight shirts in that show for men it seems.  Sure shows off his assets nicely though so I totally can’t argue with them and he probably notices the appeal as well.

A little about Benedict…
He was born July 9th 1976
His great-grandfather, Henry Arnold Cumberbatch CMG, was Queen Victoria’s consul general in Turkey and Lebanon. WOW
He attended boarding school starting at the age of eight… poor kid.
He took a gap year to volunteer as an English teacher at a Tibetan monastery in Darjeeling, India.  Mmm tea.

Such an interesting man I would love to have a conversation with him.  Happy Monday everyone!



As always these images are not my own, other amazingly talented people were lucky enough to take them. 

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  1. He’s coming to the Marvel cinematic universe!!!! YES! Him and RDJ and possible Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans on my movie screen?? Oh dear lord! I will my money aggressively at the screen.

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