#ManCandyMonday – Adam Levine

I am on a big journey right now.  A big journey to get myself under control.

My eating habits.

My exercise level.

And of course my health as a whole.

So this week, in light of BOTH my #PoloWeightLoss challenge and my TELUS #EveryStepCounts challenge, I wanted to choose a celebrity that also has a very healthy focused lifestyle.  Adam Levine.

I also decided on him because I happen to be rocking out to the old Maroon 5 Songs About Jane album while I am out walking YVR.

Adam is notorious for his incredibly healthy and eats an 85% vegan diet as well as does yoga to help channel his “nervous energy”.  Just another celebrity that I look up to when it comes to their dedication to their health, something that I am working on getting better at each and every day.

I have to admit that I have been entertaining the idea of bringing vegetarian and vegan meals into my home more and trying to eat meat less.  I know this will be a tall order for my family but they will adapt easily I know it.  Like how I will just magically switch to vegan butter <snicker>.

Here is hoping that starting February with Adam Levine here gives me a great good luck boost for all the plans I have for the future.

A little about Adam…
Born March 18th, 1979
His parents divorced when he was 7
He started playing the guitar at the age of 10

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