#ManCandyMonday – Sheldon Cooper

I am feeling geeky today, slightly goofy perhaps, in fact I wanted my man candy Monday to portray that and I think I picked the perfect man to showcase today.   If you are a friend of mine you will know that I love the show The Big Band Theory.  I have grown a love affair with it mainly cause the entire cast of Roseanne, other than Roseanne, are in it… not to mention Blossom.  But there is one special man in this show that has completely stolen my heart, Sheldon.  He is the cutest thing on the planet, you would think that his actions and behavior would be a complete turn off… clearly I am an Amy Farrah Fowler… So without further adieu I bring to you SHELDON COOPER!!!

 Isn’t he just the cutest??  I am freaking completely in love with the man… if only he didn’t pitch of the other team… *sigh* at least he is GREAT man candy right??

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3 Comments on #ManCandyMonday – Sheldon Cooper

  1. I think Raj is the cute one, although Sheldon is hilarious. I love ‘The Big Bang Theory!’ It’s the second-best thing on CBS.

    After ‘Person of Interest.’

    Please don’t mind me if I go back and look at the Jim Caviezel post some more.

  2. he does…

  3. My mom got me hooked on this show after my sister’s roommate got HER hooked. LOL

    I can’t say that Sheldon is quite my type, but is is kind of cute in an awkward sort of way ^.^

    Oh, and MAJOR kudos to you for bringing up Roseanne! Aside from The Golden Girls, definitely my second fav!

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