Man Candy Monday – Johnny Depp

Today I wanted a little Johnny, some dark mystery with PURE RAW talent… of course.  So naturally he was the best choice for this morning.

classically handsome in all respects
Some pirate action, only dirty pirate I wouldn’t be able to resist lol!!

so sad and mysterious *swoon*
HAHAHA BABY FACE!! omg clearly near his platoon and cry baby days!
oh yes you look all James dean-ish you!

I have to say that, this has definitely made my Monday just that much better today and I am soo happy for that cause I am stressed for some reason.  I clearly need to go take my supplements, plus youngest hasn’t been sleeping well the last couple nights and hubby and I are completely drained.  We’re not even putting him down for a nap at all today hoping that doing so will even him out enough for us to get a better sleep.

Thank you to all of you that did VOTE for Mumfection as Top Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2012!! 
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  1. I didn’t care much for ‘Dark Shadows,’ but I play the screenwriter, Seth Grahame-Smith, for that. Johnny Depp himself is actually quite charming in it. Does he ever stop being charming, really? My all-time favorite of his movies is ‘Chocolat,’ though. He’s my beloved gypsy Roux from ‘Chocolat.’

    Great choice.

    I hope Youngest feels better soon.

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